Strategic Financial Planning
February 21, 2021
Virtual Workplace Communication Messaging
February 21, 2021

Create a 2 slide PowerPoint , to determine the specific parameters of your task (project scope)

Robert M. Lopez, Chief Compliance Officer of ANox pharmaceutics, will investigate any sales consultants that are not adhering to ANox Pharmaceutic Policy P1029. He’s hired you to identify those sales consultants.

Create a 2 slide PowerPoint (NOT including the title or references slides) of the business requirements.

Use the meeting notes(ATTACHED) and ANox’s policies(ATTACHED) to determine the specific parameters of your task (project scope). In slide notes, provide a detailed description of how each business requirement is important to the final deliverable.

This PowerPoint should highlight your understanding of the project. Any sources must be cited in APA format. Your assignment should be proofread for spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

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