Provide an argument that supports the decision to implement the corporate social responsibility plan for the restaurant. Provide research, legal terminology, and cite a legal case to support your argument. Submit your position by posting in the Unit 5 Debate Forum under the FOR top
September 8, 2018
Select appropriate terms you desire to incorporate from the Uniform Commercial Code. Provide the UCC designation and the title, not the complete wording in the code
September 8, 2018

Create a simple Node.js server (Save as w4_firstname_lastname.js) . Create a restful application similar to the one in lesson 4. Document the routing table, and the application you created.

Create a simple Node.js server (Save as w4_firstname_lastname.js) . Create a restful application similar to the one in lesson 4. Document the routing table, and the application you created.

Extra: Modify any JavaScript code (or the JScript assignment)  to run from Node.js command line

Submit your week 4 work in w4_firstname_lastname.txt (Please save the file as a text file and upload the text file here for final review.)

A web service is a collection protocols and standards used for exchanging data between applications or systems. Services are written in various programming languages, and running on various platforms. The following table has URI examples on how to call the services.

Routing Table

Sr. No.

HTTP Method







Get list of users





Get User with Id 1





Insert User with Id 2





Update User with Id 2





Delete User with Id 1


With ExpressJS, you can easily create a ReStful web services.

Here is an example how to create a routing table similar to the one above


// This application to demo the use of restfull services

// This is the core for any MV* pattern

// let me know if you have any question

// use express server, it must be in the node_modules

save this code as wk4_myserver.js in c:\ENTD261

to run this code, make sure you are on c:\entd261 if not change directory to c:\entd261

>cd c:\entd261

C:\ENTD261>node wk4_myserver.js

once the server is running, you will get

Express server listening on port 55555

from any browser



// setup

var express=require(“express”);

var http=require(“http”);

var app=express();

// run the server


console.log(‘Express server listening on port 55555’);

// <<< here is the Model, the data storage

var products = [

{ id: 0, name: ‘watch’, description: ‘Tell time with this amazing watch’, price: 30.00 },

{ id: 1, name: ‘sandals’, description: ‘Walk in comfort with these sandals’, price: 10.00 },

{ id: 2, name: ‘sunglasses’, description: ‘Protect your eyes in style’, price: 25.00 }


// http://localhost:55555                             // general route

// here is the view

app.get(“/”, function(req,res){

var msg=””

msg += “<center><h1> This is the default page </h1></center>”

msg += ” use the following <br />”

msg += ” http://localhost:55555/hello <br />”

msg += ” http://localhost:55555/goodbye <br />”

msg += ” http://localhost:55555/products <br />”

msg += ” http://localhost:55555/products/2 <br />”



// <<< routes = controller

// http://localhost:55555/hello                    // welcome  route

app.get(“/hello”, function(req,res){

res.send(“Hello ENTD261 class”);


// http://localhost:55555/goodbye                       // good bye route

app.get(“/goodbye”, function(req,res){

res.send(“Thank you ENTD261 class”);


// http://localhost:55555/products                       // load and display all products

app.get(‘/products’, function(req, res) {



// http://localhost:55555/products/2                    // load and display product id 2

app.get(‘/products/:id’, function(req, res) {

if ( > (products.length – 1) || < 0) {

res.statusCode = 404;

res.end(‘Not Found’);




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