Week 6 final
February 14, 2021
B2B Marketing Analysis Paper
February 14, 2021

CSR report about Siemens Automation company

I have an assignment which writes a report about Corporate social responsibility for any company. I chose Siemens.

The professor gave us the instructs which is:

1.) Assess the costs and, more importantly, the benefits of doing a sustainability and/or CSR program at a firm, utilizing the readings and case discussions.

2.) Assess a company’s CSR, sustainability, or citizenship report. Explain the extent to which the company recognizes and takes responsibility for the social and environmental impacts of its business. Please note that every student chooses a different report.

Recommended Report Format

A) Executive Summary of one page.

B) Discuss the internal (or company and employee benefits) of CSR and sustainability initiatives (these can be put in a table format, but be specific). The Dannon case provides as a good example to illustrate the internal value of CSR programs, and this can explain why it was not their priority to advertise their CSR activities. Explain how a CSR strategy needs to “fit” a firm’s management culture.

C) Discuss the emerging opportunities in the evolving “green market.” Cite strategies and opportunities. As part of this, summarize the Clorox case and discuss how they successfully developed green brands. Cite the benefits of these efforts on marketing, branding, and reputation enhancement.

D) Briefly summarize the company CSR report that you read. Then critique the report of the company that you examined. Explain how the firm defined their specific “responsibility” in the report and any shortcomings.

Is the company doing enough? Is it effective and fully transparent in addressing all social responsibility concerns? What would you suggest that the company needs to do? Do not forget the benefits for both people and planet –sustainability is not just about money (or solely an instrumental benefits to the firm’s shareholders alone).

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