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February 5, 2021
Human Resource Applications
February 5, 2021

Current Staffing Issues

Hello, looking for assistance on an assignment that is worth 100 points. The professor is a bit of a stickler with no let-up, and I must do well on this assignment. The course is a Human Resource Management (HRM6622) course with Troy University Master’s Program. I need someone who will take their time and not waste my time. Please let me know if you will be able to help me with this assignment providing original and quality work.

Current Staffing Issue(s)

Please briefly review (2-4 pages) two articles from electronic sources published within the past twelve (12) months that address a current HR Staffing issue. One can come from a professional journal or professional society like the SHRM website. But, one should come from a peer reviewed journal such as those that may be found in Troy library’s electronic data bases. [I enjoy using EBSCO]


Follow this structure:

I. Cover Page: Title; Assignment; Course Number; Date; Instructor; Your name;

Overview: Succinctly state the main points and the basic logic of arguments as well as the type support offered, e.g. expert witnesses, research, historical precedent, etc.

II. Your assessment of the value of the article.

III. Any action, if any, you would take as an HR professional as a result of reading the articles.

IV. Citations – in APA style with URL.

The articles can deal with two separate issues. Or, if they deal with the same issue, they should present different perspectives

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