You have graduated from the AIU Online Campus, and now you are working for Corrections Corporation of America
January 11, 2021
“Patrol Strategies” Please respond to the following:
January 11, 2021

CVS and Aetna

1. CVS announced yesterday they will buy Aetna Healthcare. Below are the CEO’s explaining why this is such a great deal for everyone.

Let’s look at this acquisition from two angles. First, is it a good merger for shareholders and or the general public? Second did CVS pay to much for Aetna??

2. Within the past year Bitcoin, a crypto currency, and it’s block chain technology has been all over business headlines seemingly on a daily basis.

Do you believe in this type of currency? Do you like the idea but not some of the aspects of digital currency? Do you believe this is just the start in digital currency and like other aspects of technology it will be refined and developed into something very powerful in the future?

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