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February 7, 2021
Week 4 World View Chart Assignment Submission
February 7, 2021

Decide on a central topic theme analysis or case study you intend to use for the Final Paper

Final Research Paper Topic and Method Selection:

According to those points here: Decide on a central topic, theme, analysis, or case study you intend to use for the Final Paper.

The Final Research Paper must be developed using one of the methodologies listed here. (First Point)

  • Analyze: Synthesis of Concepts, Theories, and Practices in Social Justice Administration.
  • Analyzing the Social Justice Role of the Police in Society
  • Analyzing the Social Justice Role of the Courts in Society
  • Analyzing the Social Justice Role of Institutional Corrections and Community Corrections in Society
  • Ethical Considerations and Special Challenges in Social Justice Administration
  • Synthesis of Concepts, Theories, and Practices in Social Justice Administration
    • Focused Topic Area.
    • Case Study.
    • Legal Analysis on a Focused Topic Area.

In that final Research Paper: Incorporate those following (Second Point)

  1. Identify and describe major classical and contemporary criminology theories that attempt to explain delinquent and criminal behavior.
  1. Identify, compare and contrast various historical perspectives on criminal justice in America comprising the components of law enforcement, courts, corrections, and the juvenile justice system.
  1. Analyze data and information and draw critical conclusions from that analysis.
  1. Identify and demonstrate understanding and effective application of principles, techniques and skills necessary for specialization in a Track.
  1. Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing on a variety of topics related to criminal justice

Final Research Paper Due and see the full requirements in the Assignment Map: (Third Point)

Final Research Paper Demonstrate those: (Fourth Point)

  1. An understanding of the organizational structure of our current social justice system including law enforcement, corrections, courts, probation, and social service agencies.
  1. Knowledge of how to initiate and maintain programs designed to ease the communication, work distribution, and cooperative output for any of the agencies that comprise the social justice system (e.g. unions for police officers, administration policy for prison officials, etc.).
  1. The ability to do scholarly research. Students will locate, identify, and use peer-reviewed printed and electronic periodical, as well as printed and electronic books.
  2. Reference
    REQUIRED Links
    Peak, Kenneth J. (2016) Justice Administration (8th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education – Prentice Hall
    Textbook Web link:

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