post an original and thoughtful response to the DB question and contribute to the weekly dialogue by responding to at least two other posts from students.
September 10, 2018
Select two stories, poems, or a combination from the readings and show how, although their plots differ, they explore a similar theme. Throughout, back up your claims with specific lines or passages from the work.
September 10, 2018

Describe and justify your dissertation research topic. Identify key topic concepts. Identify the target population or organization.

Dissecting an Action Research Article

Read Nunn et al’s 2015 article, “African American Community Leaders’ Policy Recommendations for Reducing Racial Disparities in HIV Infection, Treatment, and Care: Results from a Community-Based Participatory Research Project in Philadelphia Pennsylvania,” linked in the resources.

After you have completed your reading of Sample Article 1, open “Dissecting Research Articles – Program Evaluation and Action Research” and follow the instructions. This activity will help you develop skills for evaluating the article carefully and fully, taking into account each element of a research article.

Review the Dissecting an Action Research Article Scoring Guide to ensure that you have addressed all of the grading criteria in your assignment. Review the assignment due date information provided in both the Syllabus and the Faculty Expectations discussion to effectively plan your time.

Need Turnitin Report.

Intro to Professional Doctorate Residency Courseroom

This unit is the first of nine which will be completed prior to attending the residency.
In this unit, you will have an opportunity to justify your research topic through current literature in order to receive feedback from your instructor. This feedback is extremely valuable as you continue to refine the foundational elements of the dissertation or capstone research plan.

Additional Resources
Course Competencies
The competencies covered in this unit include the following:

  • Competency 1. Analyze personal progress to develop the scholar-practitioner identity during the research design process.
  • Competency 2. Apply advanced critical thinking skills to research methods and design.
  • Competency 3. Support ideas and concepts with evidence from the literature in proposing research methods and design.
  • Competency 6. Propose a research methodology that aligns with an identified problem.
  • Competency 9. Apply academic communication skills in verbal and written interactions within the research process.
  • Objectives
    To successfully complete this learning unit, you will be expected to:
  1. Describe and justify your dissertation research topic.
  2. Identify key topic concepts.
  3. Identify the target population or organization.
  4. Analyze the typical structural and content characteristics of quantitative and qualitative research articles.
  5. Apply doctoral level communication and writing skills during the researching process.
  • Learning Activities
  • [u01s1] Unit 1 Study 1

    Welcome and Orientation Activity
    For a successful experience, begin by completing the following tasks. Remember, complete the work in the order presented.

    • Review the Professional Doctorate Residency Courseroom Expectations provided by your instructor.
    • When you have completed these tasks, you will be ready to begin the main content topics in Units 1–9. Completing them before you come to the residency will best prepare you for the activities scheduled at the residency. Some units are longer than others, so plan your time carefully so that you can complete these units on time.
      Research Resources
      As you continue working on your dissertation or capstone research plan, visit the Doctoral Resources and Support –PhD page and scroll down to the Public Service Leadership heading.
  •   [u01s2] Unit 1 Study 2
    Writing Resources
    The resources below are provided to support your understanding of academic writing and academic integrity. If you have already reviewed any or all of the resources, you may proceed to the next activity. You may return to any resource if needed as you continue to develop the dissertation or capstone research plan.
    Review the following Writing Across the Curriculum media presentations and resources.

    • Writing Resources
    • .
  • [u01s3] Unit 1 Study 3
    Selecting an Organization
    It is critical that you identify an organization willing to work with you in order to successfully complete the work in the residency. You should start contacting organizations now to determine if they are willing to collaborate with you on a program project. It is recommended that you contact at least one to three organizations this week to ensure you have enough time and organizations to select from before having to complete your Site Permission Letter in Unit 7.
    The organizations you contact do not have to be the perfect organization for your dissertation or capstone project. However, they should be reasonable environments for your dissertation or capstone project to take place in. The key thing for this week is to start making contacts and have a good idea of a handful or organizations that you could acceptably base your work and discussions at your residency around.
    Consult the Site Permission resource page for further information about obtaining site permissions.
  •   [u01s4] Unit 1 Study 4
    Professional Doctorate Resources
    Take some time to familiarize yourself with what is expected of you as a professional doctorate learner. Visit the Professional Doctorates page. Select your area of specialization and click on “Capstone Resources” or “Dissertation Resources” as appropriate. Of particular interest to you at this time is the “Programs of Research” document. This document outlines common theories, topic areas, important journals, and professional organizations in your field. This document can help a great deal with topic selection.
  • Submit your work to Turnitin and the assignment area (remember, use the TII drafts area to check your work and change any significant matches before you submit your final the TII assignment area).
  • Submit the Turnitin submission report with your assignment. Assignments will not be graded until they are submitted to Turnitin.

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