Does your health organization operate as a consumerism-driven service? If so, how does this affect the organization? What issues do hospital leaders face in responding to a disaster from the perspective of human resources, legal, and financial issues?.
September 12, 2018
Compare the findings of the Regulatory Decision Pathway  to what actually happened at the unit in your organization. Was the event deemed: bad intent, reckless, at risk, or human error? According to the pathway, do you now think it was the correct action?
September 12, 2018

Describe at least five objectives, with your corresponding metrics, targets, and initiatives, to help the organization achieve the strategic direction you have designed. Present your operational recommendations and strategic control mechanisms.

TOWS Matrix must be completed before beginning this assessment.


Organize your thoughts. Use the balanced scorecard methodology to complete an implementation plan for the strategy you recommended for your corporation in Assessment 3. You are encouraged to strive for flow of logic, substance, and brevity.

Set up your Adobe Connect Meeting Room. You will be recording your presentation in your Adobe Connect meeting room and including a link to the recorded file in the assessment submission comment box and in your document. Links to the Adobe Connect Tutorials can be found in the Resources section of this assessment.

Step One: Create PowerPoint Presentation

When preparing the information for your presentation, focus on the conceptual level to make sure you are on target and aligned with strategic goals. Remember, CEOs expect presentations to be brief, substantive, and concise.

Design for your Audience: If your organization has “branding standards,” use them. You are expected to follow generally recognized guidelines for professional presentations. Spare your audience from a “death by PowerPoint” experience. Consult the suggested resources to remind yourself of the do’s and don’ts of effective presentations.

Address the following points in your briefing:

Describe at least five objectives, with your corresponding metrics, targets, and initiatives, to help the organization achieve the strategic direction you have designed.

Present your operational recommendations and strategic control mechanisms.

Include the strategic goals, objectives, and action steps for reconfiguring and aligning the organization’s structure, systems, shared values, management style, staff, and skills.

Include critical success indicators that the organization can use to measure its performance in implementing the strategy.

Evaluate the effect of your strategy formulation, weighing factors of measurement against current measurement benchmarks in the organization.

Presentation Structure

In the real world, you can consider yourself lucky when you get 5–10 minutes of a CEOs time. You will need to limit your briefing to 10–12 slides or you will run out of time. Structure your briefing following the format below. Use the notes portion of each slide to write your script and practice your script to make sure you stay as close to the suggested time frames as possible.

Slide 1: Cover (15 seconds).

Slide 2: Vision/Mission/Values (30 seconds).

Slide 3: External environment analysis tool applied (table) (1 min).

Slide 4: Internal analysis tool applied (table or graphic) (1 minute).

Slide 5: Gap analysis: desired position v. actual (1 min).

Slide 6: Recommend directional strategy (1 minute).

Slide 7: Develop 3–4 key goals/objectives (1 minutes).

Slide 8: Visual: Balanced Scorecard table with 1–3 performance indicators and associated metrics (1 min).

Slide 9: Analysis (1 min).

Slide 10: Recommendations/Conclusions (1 min).

Slide 11: References.

Step Two: Practice and Record Your BriefingI WOULD DO THIS PART**

Use your Adobe Connect Meeting Room to practice and record your briefing. When you are satisfied with your recorded presentation, complete the following steps before submission:

Change Access Type to Public: Your recording must be made “public” so that the instructor can view it.

Paste the URL for Viewing into the activity text box: On the Recording Information page, click the URL for Viewing to watch your recording. If you are satisfied with your recording and are ready to share it with your instructor, copy the URL for Viewing and paste it into the activity text box.

Submit your PowerPoint presentation, any relevant addendums along with the link to your Adobe Connect recording (The URL for Viewing) to this assessment.

Note: Be sure that you are posting the specific URL for Viewing for the Adobe Connect recording rather than the URL for the meeting room in which the recording was made.

Additional Requirements

Time length: A 5–10 minute recorded presentation targeted to the CEO of your corporation. Paste the URL for Viewing into the assessment comments box.

Number of slides: PowerPoint slide deck containing 10–12 slides.

Addendum: Include all relevant supporting details, such as data, charts, and graphs as an addendum to the presentation. Indicate the slide associated with the relevant data set.

APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to current APA style and formatting.

Number of Resources: Use a minimum of six authoritative contemporary sources to support your presentation.

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