How can working out at work improve better work productivity
September 7, 2018
Describe a current event connected to the course material (which i am attaching the chapters that you can chose topic from) for the week from a recent periodical (this year or 2017). These topics can be found listed at the beginning of each textbook chapter, the book is  Macroeconomics by Paul Krug man and Robin Wells . please use some direct quotes from the book or slides.
September 7, 2018

Describe, explain, and (where applicable) provide brief, specific examples of the following in your cover letter:

he professor said,”please see the rubric., carefully read the instructions, and make sure you hit all the requirements. And above all, make sure you have an ARGUMENT! ”

Choose the argument topic about education!!


On the right track. Make sure you acknowledge at least one important counterargument and present a rebuttal.


I will also upload the simple paper, just follow the format, since we have the different topic.


MLA format


Please follow this format,


Part One:

Cover letter

  • Minimum 200 words (successful cover letters are often longer)
  • Address letter to your instructor
  • Describe, explain, and (where applicable) provide brief, specific examples of the following in your cover letter:

o   The feedback you received from your peers and how you revised your first draft based on that feedback

o   The content you have changed to address Step 8 above, improve the composition, and appeal to your audience

o   How you think the changes above have improved your draft

o   Any problems you encountered in your revision and how you solved them

Place the cover letter at the beginning of your final draft, before the first page of your actual composition; delete the situation analysis


Part Two:

First draft:

  • An essay taking a stand and making arguments in support of a view or course of action on the issue, problem, or controversy developed in Writing Project 3.
  • Clearly focused, debatable, and supportable thesis statement advocating your view on the problem or controversy
  • Use of evidence from sources, objectively and accurately interpreted
  • Effective reasoning that demonstrates how the evidence supports the thesis and the specific arguments being made
  • A logical organizational structure that clearly and effectively guides readers through the arguments being made
  • Use of evidence from sources (at least 10 quotations and/or paraphrases), clearly discernible from each other and from the writer’s voice and cited using correct in-text citations
  • Use of at least 5 relevant and highly credible sources, at least 4 from the Ivy Tech Library databases. (No Print Sources.)
  • APA or MLA manuscript style, as specified by your instructor, with in-text citations and a References or Works Cited list including ALL sources used. (References or Works Cited list does not count in the minimum word-count requirement)
  • Observation of the conventions of Standard English

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