Human Resource Development
February 20, 2021
Signature Assignment: Short-Term Funding
February 20, 2021

Describe the seven problems in achieving a successful acquisition

please anwser 5 questions in atteched file.

  • Describe the seven problems in achieving a successful acquisition.
  • Describe how diversified firms can use activity sharing and transfer of core competencies to create value.
  • What are the differences between downscoping and downsizing and why are each used?
  • Discuss the three international corporate-level strategies. On what factors are these strategies based?
  • What is organizational culture? What must strategic leaders do to develop and sustain an effective organizational culture?

all questions from attched textbook, please check it when you answer every question. every question needs 200 or more words. you can find some references from internet but do not copy all words from internet. thanks.

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