What qualifications should the systems analysis team be looking for when hiring their new ecommerce development team member?
September 9, 2018
How much of the implementation work can you handle? What additional resources (people, information, time, money, etc.) will expedite the process so you don’t end up like Susie Jeffer?
September 9, 2018

Design and draw a representation of a display screen that can be used by the servers and clerks to fill in the information captured on the form. Again, you may use MS Word for this purpose.

Problem III – (15 points)

Draw an entity-relationship diagram for the following situation: A commercial bakery makes many different products. These products include breads, desserts, specialty cakes, and many other baked goods. Ingredients such as flour, spices, and milk are purchased from vendors. Sometimes an ingredient is purchased from a single vendor, and other times an ingredient is purchased from many vendors. The bakery has commercial customers, such as schools and restaurants, that regularly place orders for baked goods. Each baked good has an auditor that oversees the setup of the bakery operation and inspects the finished product.

Problem IV – (20 points)

Interglobal Paper Company has asked for your help in comparing its present computer system with a new one its board of directors would like to see implemented. Proposed system and present system costs are as follows:

Year Proposed System Costs Present System Costs

Year 1

Equipment Lease $20,000 $11,500

Salaries 30,000 50,000

Overhead 4,000 3,000

Development 30,000 0

Year 2

Equipment Lease $20,000 $20,700

Salaries 23,000 55,000

Overhead 4,400 5,300

Development 12,000 10,000

Year 3

Equipment Lease $20,000 $30,500

Salaries 36,000 60,000

Overhead 4,900 3,600

Development 0 0

Year 4

Equipment Lease $20,000 $10,500

Salaries 39,000 46,000

Overhead 5,500 4,000

Development 0 0

a. Using break-even analysis, determine the year in which Interglobal Paper will break even.

b. Graph the costs and show the break-even point.

Problem V – (15 points)

Pot N Kettle is a fast-food restaurant offering all kinds of potatoes. The manager has a 30-second time limit for serving customers. Servers at the counter say they could achieve that limit if the form they must fill out and give to the kitchen were simplified. The information from the completed form is entered into the computer system at the end of the day, when the data entry person enters the kind of potato purchased, additional toppings purchased with their quantities, and the price charged. The current form is difficult for servers to visually scan and fill out quickly.

a. Design and draw a form that lists possible potatoes and toppings in a manner that is easy for counter servers and kitchen crew to visually scan, and can also be used as input to the inventory system that is on the extranet connecting Pot N Kettle and Idaho potato growers. Choose a size that is sensible and be sure to indicate the size of the form if it is not drawn at full-scale. You may use MS Word to produce this form if you don’t have any other drawing software available. You won’t be judged on the aesthetics of the form, just the content and layout. Be sure to observe the guidelines for good form design.

b. Design and draw a representation of a display screen that can be used by the servers and clerks to fill in the information captured on the form. Again, you may use MS Word for this purpose.

c. Design and draw a display screen based on your screen in part b. This time it should function as a display that shows a kitchen crew member what to prepare for each Pot N Kettle order. List three changes to the screen in part b that you made to adapt it to function as an output display. You may use MS Word to show the layout of the screen.

Problem VI – (15 points)

As part of a larger systems project, Welders Bank of Sparks, Nevada, wants your help in setting up a new monthly reporting form for its checking and savings account customers. The president and vice presidents are very attuned to what customers in the community are saying. They think that their customers want a checking account summary that looks like the one offered by the other three banks in town. They are unwilling, however, to commit to that form without a formal summary of customer feedback that supports their decision. Feedback will not be used to change the prototype form in any way. They want you to send a prototype of one form to one group and to send the old form to another group.

In a paragraph discuss prototyping the new form under these circumstances.

In a second paragraph discuss how you would prototype a new form.

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