What are the pros and cons of going global?
February 21, 2021
Strategy Planning 7
February 21, 2021

Developing procedures for special circumstances

Option #2: Disaster Recovery

The business community is vulnerable to any form of disaster disruption and it can be extremely costly. The recent crises that resulted in lost lives, displaced families and communities, shutdown businesses and damaged economies include hurricanes Rita and Katrina, the London bombings, the South Asia tsunami, the Northeast blackout and the September 11 terrorist attacks. Other serious events, such as financial failure from poor business management, workplace violence, fires, cybercrime, computer viruses, product tampering or union strikes, can also lead to substantial damages. We all know that if an organization prepares for the “worst-case scenario,” then it can handle other situations as well. Teamwork and rehearsals are also critical success factors. Visit IBM’s recovery services website to research its provisions for handling emergency-within-the-emergency scenarios.

Write a report about handling emergency-within-the-emergency scenarios. Select an organization that was impacted by any of the above events, and describe the suggestions you would offer to increase their chances of reduced disruptions in the future.

Must be 4 pages in length including a reference page

Must be in APA format including intext citation

At least 5 references

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