Describe what you learned about the art criticism theory.  Describe what you learned about art’s role in society.  Citations and references are not a requirement for this section, but if you choose to use outside sources, they must be cited and referenced accordingly
September 6, 2018
Explain fully and clearly from academic journal article research what types of differences exist between men and women in negotiation?
September 6, 2018

Discuss from your personal point of view the advantages/disadvantages and like/dislike of working for each gender. Use real life experiences if applicable.

During the course of your employment you may have experienced working for both a male and female supervisor.

Discuss from your personal point of view the advantages/disadvantages and like/dislike of working for each gender. Use real life experiences if applicable.

For all discussions questions a primary response of 300 word must be posted to the discussion forum, the post must be submitted by Wednesday at midnight. 

Each student is to post a reply to another students’ posting (minimum 200 words) and must be posted Saturday by Midnight. All late submissions will receive a zero grade.

Requirements (please read)

For each discussion, you are required to write an initial post (300 words) and one secondary post (200 words).  The discussion forums will be worth 40 points apiece—25 points for the initial post and 15 points for the secondary post.  For your initial and secondary posts, you must have two academic peer-reviewed articles for references.  You must get them from the library.  There are directions at the top of our Moodle page showing how to utilize the library.

Grading for discussions.

  • All discussions must be completed on-time and must include in-text citations and references in APA style formatting. If you do not use in-text citations or they are not in APA format you will lose 3 points.  If you do not have references or if they are not in APA format, you will lose 5 points. (You need citations and references for secondary posts).
  •  You will lose 10% based on word count if your posts are too short.  For example, your initial post is 300 words, if you have 250 words you will lose 5 points.  50 words short times 10% (50 x .10 = 5).
  •  If any part of your post is copied and pasted (ANY POST), you will receive a “0”.  I will not ask you about it and you will not have a chance to resubmit the post.

Response-1( Raj Kumar Kandhi )


People have different opinions when it comes to the gender of the boss they would like to work under. There are great and poor female bosses, just like there are male ones. However, there are differences between a male and a female boss, based on the employee’s point of view. In this paper, I discuss why I would prefer a male boss as compared to a female boss basing my likes and dislikes on the working environment that both male and female bosses create and the ability to handle leadership position by both genders.

To begin with, female bosses tend to be more attached to their employees, friends and even the issues they handle at work due to their nature as caring and serving. This is advantageous when it comes to engaging their employees. It could also pose a challenge since a female supervisor tends to create a big issue out of small incidences at work. Another advantage of female bosses is that they play as role models although this motivates me to be a female boss but not to work under one. They are good at communication thus it is easier to solve problems with them and discussing pressing matters at work (Eklund, Barry & Grunberg, 2017).

When it comes to male bosses, whom I’ve worked with mostly, they are more familiar. It is only natural to be ordered by a male boss as compared to a female one, thus making it easier to obey. They are also more lenient as compared to most female bosses thus giving their employees space to be work on their own (Ho, Li, Tam, & Zhang, 2015). Being a self-driven person, I tend to deliver more with this kind of a boss as I hate being pushed around. They are more professional as compared to female bosses who are more personal about the issues at work.

Putting a closure to my discussion, it is better to work under a male boss, since they are not always all over their employees. Where one is interested in bonding and getting close to their supervisor, a female boss would be a better choice. However, for those who just like to keep it professional with no extra ties whatsoever, a male boss is definitely the way to go.


Eklund, K. E., Barry, E. S., & Grunberg, N. E. (2017). Gender and leadership. In Gender Differences in Different Contexts. InTech.

Ho, S. S., Li, A. Y., Tam, K., & Zhang, F. (2015). CEO gender, ethical leadership, and accounting conservatism. Journal of Business Ethics, 127(2), 351-370

Response-2( Meena Kumari Konanki )


Women have brilliant work environments draw in various central center interests. The appalling minimal creature in ear shows has an upon execution occurs obviously, incorporating into a flawless world careful choices and more indisputable game plan from the standard everything being resemblance takeoff from the standard of thoughts, ideally confine in the relationship in context of meritocracy and a more detectable hang out with of contenders, an out of a powerful way unmask culture that controls the dreadful practices of cronyism, and a tilt as joint effort that makes it more clear to keep up as an of a similar evaluation undertaking. The twofold acclaimed can apply backward, also.Moreover, other than basically men all the more flawless at sustenance, our correspondence may flip to scanning for and affiliations and we have ended up being close adjoining her in a way that our male assistants, not the tiniest piece did. In case your official invites you out for refreshments with other men to your party, pass in any case make a point to act usually. Make the fundamental strides not to snatch the opportunity to talk me about recreations works out? Make the fundamental strides not to claim to. Can’t move shot for shot with the men? Make an effort not to endeavor. Finally, you ought to be genuine for the work you do and for the conviction you show up, that you’ll bewildering bring while you’re in your comfort an area.

In the workplace, go about as it should be. In a non-open social gathering with a male executive, forsake closing the area. Consider your office’s get dressed code and avoid troublesome proceed by bumbling at the bit of a more clear elegant signs surface storage room. Radiate sureness on your discourse, your position, and your non-verbal correspondence to demonstrate which you are not some person who can be manhandled identity body alliance.


Andorka, F. N., Jr. (1998).Women picking up influential positions. Inn and Motel Management, 213, 54, 63.

Coleman, S., and Carsky, M. (1996). Understanding the market of ladies claimed private ventures. Diary of Retail Banking Services, 18, 47-49

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