Track the progress of health care reform efforts in the US history starting with the early 1900s detailing the role of Presidents’ attempting to pass health care reform.
September 7, 2018
Identify an appropriate data analysis technique from the approved list above to analyze this data. Explain why the data analysis technique you chose is an appropriate technique to analyze the data collected.
September 7, 2018

Discuss your personal reaction to the interview in three paragraphs at the end of your report (see final section below). Interview Questions

please use the interview questions listed below only!! and post answers from the interviewee as well!!**

General Instructions

Using the questions below, you will conduct an interview with a person at least 60 years of age. Feel free to add questions of your own whenever one occurs to you. Be sure to review the Historical Context section on the following pages before beginning the interview. The complete project will include your questions and the interviewee’s answers (i.e., transcript of the interview) as well as the three Reaction paragraphs described below.

Report Criteria

1.Typed and double-spaced.

2.Include the interview questions in your report in a format that enables the reader to know what the person you are interviewing is referring to.

3.Discuss your personal reaction to the interview in three paragraphs at the end of your report (see final section below).

Interview Questions

1.Please tell me about your childhood, family and school life.

2.Do you consider yourself old? At what ages (or stages) did you notice that you were getting older?

3.What is the most important historical event or period of time that you have lived through?

4.How did it influence you personally?

5.What is the biggest change you have seen in how people conduct their everyday lives?

6.What have been the best years of your life so far? What are your plans for the future?

7.How are young people today different from when you were their age?

8.What advice would you give young people to help them prepare for their old age?

9.Have you ever experienced any negative attitudes or discrimination because of your age? Please explain.

10.Student question: Based on what you’ve learned, ask at least one more question; what else would you like to know about this person’s life?


In three paragraphs, discuss your reaction to the interview:

1.What did you learn? Did anything surprise you?

2.How did you feel during the interview?

3.What changes (if any) have occurred in your perception of older adults? (What did you think before? What do you think now.)

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