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February 6, 2021
​I need you to do two brochures.
February 6, 2021

Discussion #10

After watch the video: you can do it:

Wages are currently a “hot topic” in ever state, specifically in the Foodservice Industry because of tipped waged employees

Using the resources found in the reading assignments, along with any research you find. Choose and defend with credible research:

  • Should the minimum wage be raised to $10.10 as being proposed? Yes/No Why
  • Should the tipped wage be raised to minimum wage? Yes/No Why
  • What impact does your decision have on the foodservice industry?
  • What impact does your decision have on foodservice employees and their families?

Because this is a hot topic and we each have our own personal opinion please be professional when responding to other posts.

Please post to two other posts by Friday in support or opposition.

just only write 200 words it is well

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