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Discussion Board responses

Constructively respond to the following 3 THREE Discussion board posts. There is not a word limit so keep response as brief or extensive as you like. The original question is: After watching the video, Webcast: Enterprise Networks of the Future with CDW , discuss at least two challenges and trends identified in the video. How would you overcome the challenges, and how will you prepare for the trends?

Post 1

Some of the challenges discussed in the video are around the rapid growth of devices such as iPhones, iPads, new wireless devices including iWatches. These devices bring new challenges including their security and usage effect on the network. It is a challenge on how do we embrace these devices, this is a major challenge for architecture as well. An individual can have up to 3 devices instead of 1, this is a growing issue.

Another challenge is around IT organization not budgeting for their demands where they are asking for more mobility and bandwidth yet not allocation the proper budget around it. Not having proper mobility budget. Placing BYOD policies, MDM policies is a way to transform organization but how to devices transform organizations business? IT organization not properly thinking through making the changes to the current design

Some of the trends include moving towards mobility and demanding more bandwidth since users are having more devices per person vs the old way where users had one device at a single location. Another trend is devices capacity, available bandwidth, how to divide up the network access to staff members. Another trend is the increase in extending video conferencing on tablets and other devices.

Some of the ways to overcome challenges are by planning and understanding the impact of growth and how to support it. Also either hiring new resource or assigning current resources for the changes to be implemented. Adding additional funding regarding network usage increase and understanding that the current network model would need to be revisited and define the new architecture needed in order to make the changes needed for the organization. Also, training current resource on the new changes needed before implementing changes across the organization.

Some of the ways to prepare for trends is by keeping up with the new technology when it’s coming. Try to do a pilot group and see how that works for the organization before making changes for the entire organization. Understanding that ROI will take time and will not be seen right away by top management.

Also, looking into business cases for other organization who have implemented the new technology or new devices changes to learn lessons from them. Getting a better understanding of what worked for other organizations and what didn’t, pretty much learning from others examples who followed the new trends that came to market.

Post 2

One main point that I learned is that wireless technology was meant as an add-on. But now it’s the main source of communication where most of us and companies use because of its flexibility. There is a greater demand for wireless system and there a lot more devices using the wireless system so it is a challenge for a wireless system to handle the load at a given time. That is why companies need to strategize how to improve their wireless system.

In the video, one of the guys mentions that people could have 2 or three devices per person so thing like this increases the demand for bandwidth. I am using at least two devices at work but never realized that many devices can have an impact on a network system. Also, applications like video streaming can take a toll on a network. In the office, I work you have about 20 people maybe that explains why the system is sometimes slow

I also learned that there’s a lot of opportunity in the network industry. There is also ls shortage for network managers. As the network demand increases and more companies will need people to operate and manage the network.

Post 3

I think this was by far the most interesting video I had to watch so far in the this course. The two challenges that I noticed in the video were the wireless networking concerns and the new skill set needed by network admins. The first one about wireless networking concerns.

Nacho talked about three areas of concern. First can the wireless devices even connect to new wireless technologies, second is there enough bandwidth to service all of the devices, and finally can you divide up the network to fairly service all of the devices? I think the first step in over comming these challenges is identifying what devices need to be on the network for work related issues. Next would be to make sure none work related internet surfing is not causing un wanted traffic on the network. This would just be the first step in solving this problem because you could still have plenty of issues even with making sure the usuage is proper and work related. But best to get this stuff out of the way first so you can accurately determine what changes need to be made to your network.

The second challenge had to do with admins needing new skill sets as network evolved to meed these needs and challenges. I believe it was Nacho again who mentioned the learning programming languages was important since so much managing is done via software these days. Python for example was used as a language that admins should learn. I could not agree more with this today. Languages like Python are becoming so flexible you can do just about anything with it. So for admins to get the most out of their networks they need to add some programming skills to their abilities as network admins.

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