November 15, 2020
Did the Moors in Spain build on the knowledge of earlier civilizations? If so, what of techniques of the Romans are found at the Alhambra?
November 15, 2020

discussion one paragraph only

Throughout the history of America, there have been individuals who have profoundly shaped the history of our country without finding much time within the greater narrative of our collective history.  They have come from different walks of life and contributed in myriad ways to forging our country into what it has ultimately become.  

In this discussion, I would like you to consider one of the following historical figures and provide an explanation as to how this individual is significant to the greater narrative of the history of the country.  What did they do that was significant?  How did he/she influence/change/revolutionize some aspect of our country or the way of life in our country?  What changes were affected on the country?  Were they deemed “good” or “bad”?  And by whom?  

                Popé                                                     William Penn

                Crispus Attucks                                 John Peter Zenger


                Olaudah Equiano

                Father Junipero Serra

i need one paragraph response to this probably 8 sentences 

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