BUSN 491 week 1 response 2
February 22, 2021
Discussion question
February 22, 2021

Discussion post

Enter this forum and explain the proposed methodology for your research project. Describe the research problem and discuss the data you will need to obtain for this project. How will this data relate to the problem, or point to a potential solution?

My research project is about:

For this research project, I plan to examine how over ordering and shelf life capability affect our inventory status on a daily bases and the impact this may cause filling our customer’s needs. FreshPoint is North America’s largest wholly owned produce distributor, so ensuring we provide the best quality produce means having a tight inventory and micromanaging the quality of each produce item we receive. Given produce is a dying field, we emphasize the importance of quality while maintaining inventory control. When inventory isn’t managed well, you can wind up with overstock, too much of certain items. Overstock comes with its own set of problems. The longer an item sits unsold in inventory, the greater the chance it will never sell at all, meaning you’ll have to write it off, or at least discount it deeply. The goal of my research is to examine inventory management within my company while focusing on strategies to increase efficiency and productivity.

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