Innovation Management Strategy: The Future of Disruptive Innovations is Bright
February 22, 2021
five pages, APA format
February 22, 2021

Discussion Post Assignment

You will be required to write a thread of at least 500 words, complete with text book page references and specifics, to document the response in APA format. The thread must contain a quote from 1 scholarly source, along with biblical application, including at least 1 Bible verse.

Chapters 6–10 deal with managing the non-profit organization. Think of a non-profit organization you are familiar with. If you are not familiar with one, please become familiar with one in order to complete this assignment in a professional and informed manner. In terms of the chapters we covered, what do you consider to be the 3 most important concepts that the organization should consider? Include in your answer:

  1. The concepts
  2. Page numbers where the concepts may be located
  3. A brief definition of the concepts
  4. How the organization would benefit from considering the concepts you have chosen
  5. How the application of the topic reflects God’s purpose or design.

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