Unit 6 Building Customer Assignment
February 21, 2021
Do an interview and compose a 1000+ words story
February 21, 2021

Discussion post for canvas. Question explained in description box below.

Using the Carnival Cruise in the Discussion 1 question, discuss the consumer behavior factors and influences that would be important and how Carnival should deal with each model or factor. How would this change if the Cruise was for faculty and not students?

Review Web Site: https://vimeo.com/22982704 (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..

Discussion 1 question was:

In each of the chapters in this module there are underlying videos and concepts. (For example in Chapter 1 Red Mango Case and Chapter 1 ISEET video. How do these relate to your view of Starbucks. Business behavior and tactics?) You are to discuss and analyze these videos and concepts and apply them to this Product concept.
A 6 day cruise to Mexico on the M/V Carnival Miracle. This cruse will be limited to registered college students, in good standing and having a GPA of 3.0. No more than 100 students from any college may go on a cruise. All student will have to be 19 years of age or older. Passports are required) The cost per person, excluding drinks is $600. Cruises will be scheduled for the week surrounding New Years eve, and a four week period surrounding Spring break

My answer/post was:

This six-day cruise requires only 100 students hence leaving out others who would have been interested. Red Mango and Starbucks never limit the locations of serving the customers. Instead, Red Mango is continuing to expand so as to be able to serve more customers in the states. Secondly, this cruise restricts the kind of students required; that is, those with GPA of 3 and only registered college student. Many students may be willing but this requirement keeps them off. Red Mango and Starbucks do not restrict the kinds of drinks to make. They make several types and continue including more and more to ensure each consumer gets what he/she want. Lastly, the value is created by Red Mango and Starbucks in order to satisfy customer’s needs. Red Mango has included probiotics in their drinks and customers are so much willing to pay. Starbucks has improved the accessibility of their products unlike in the cruise where the price is so high and does not accommodate tea and other amenities.

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