consumer behavior research paper
February 25, 2021
I need help with my OPS 571 Week 3 Team Project
February 25, 2021

Discussion Question

Week 1 This Discussion Board assignment begins as a TEAM learning activity and concludes with individual postings.

Meet Kevin Plank, founder, and CEO of Under Armour. In Teams, please watch his keynote address at the 2012 University of Maryland Entrepreneurship Invitational. Next, discuss with your team members the following and individually post:

  • What are his leadership traits and characteristics?
  • What was his first business in college? What was his strategy in starting Under Armour?
  • What was his message to the future entrepreneurs in the audience?
  • What did you find interesting about the film?

(1) Create you first individual Discussion Board post before or on before Day 3 (Friday midnight). Share with the class your thoughts. What makes Kevin Plank a Leader? Do you find him motivational? Why or why not? Write a 1 or 2 sentences that critique’s their Website

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