create a project plan for the District 4 Warehouse Move project. Use the PDF document, Project Plan Check – District4Move, to check your work to be sure you have created your starting project plan correctly.
September 7, 2018
write a conclusion paragraph that restates your proposed change to the Constitution and reviews what you believe to be the most compelling argument in support of your proposed amendment.
September 7, 2018

Do full systems testing with large amounts of live data to show that the system is working. (10 points)

Problem I – (50 points)



Part A: You and your ITEC 630 Group Project Team are close to completing a system for Meecham Feeds. Ms. Taylor Swift, who is one of your ITEC 630 teammates, is quite confident that the programs that she has written for Meecham’s inventory system will perform as necessary, because they are similar to programs she has written before. Your team has been very busy and would ideally like to begin full systems testing as soon as possible.

Two of your junior team members have proposed the following:


  1. Skip desk checking of the programs (because similar programs were checked in other installations; Taylor Swift has agreed). (10 points)


  1. Do link testing with large amounts of data to prove that the system will work. (10 points)



  1. Do full systems testing with large amounts of live data to show that the system is working. (10 points)


In the form of a well crafted essay (750 words), please respond to each of the three steps and their proposed test schedule.



Part B: In the form of a well crafted essay (750 words), please respond to the below two exam questions:

What is normalization? What is the purpose of normalization? What types of functional dependencies may exist in relations? What types of problems one may encounter if the dependencies are not removed? (10 Points)

Describe the analysis that is applied to a data model in order to place it in first normal form (1NF), then second normal form (2NF) and finally, in third normal form (3NF). (10 points)
Problem II – (50 points)


The following is a code for one produce in an extensive cosmetic line:  L02002Z621289.  L means that it is a lipstick, 0 means that it was introduced without a matching nail polish, 2002 is a sequence code indicating in what order it was produced, Z is a classification code indicating that the product is hypoallergenic, and 621289 is the number of the plant (there are 15 plants) where the product was produced.


PART A:  In the form of a well crafted essay response (750 words), please critique the above code by listing the features that might lead to inaccurate data entry. (25 points)


PART B:  Write a well crated essay response (750 words) which explains changes that you have suggested, indicating what data entry problems the change will eliminate. Please include your version of the revised code in your response. (25 points)




Problem III- (50 points)

Titanic Marinas is a chain of 12 marinas that offer lakeside service to boaters; service and repair of boats, motors, and marine equipment; and sales of boats, motors, and other marine accessories. The systems development project team at Titanic Marinas has been hard at work on a project that eventually will link all the marina’s facilities into one unified, networked system.

The project team has developed a logical process model of the current system. This model has been carefully checked for syntax errors. Last week, the team invited a number of system users to role-play the various data flow diagrams, and the diagrams were refined to the users’ satisfaction. Right now, the project manager feels confident that the as-is system has been adequately represented in the process model.

The director of operations for Titanic Marinas is the sponsor of this project. He sat in on the role-playing of the process model and was very pleased by the thorough job the team had done in developing the model. He made it clear to YOU, the project manager, that he was anxious to see your team begin work on the process model for the to-be system. He was a little skeptical that it was necessary for YOUR team to spend any time modeling the current system in the first place, but grudgingly admitted that the team really seemed to understand the business after going through that work.

The methodology that YOU are following, however, specifies that the team should now turn its attention to developing the logical data model for the as-is system. When YOU stated this to the project sponsor, he seemed confused and a little irritated. “YOU are going to spend even more time looking at the current system? I thought YOU were done with that! Why is this necessary? I want to see some progress on the way things will work in the future!”

By way of a well-written essay response (750 words), please address the following questions: What is your response to the director of operations? Why do we perform data modeling? Is there any benefit to developing a data model of the current system at all? How does the process model help us develop the data model?













Problem IV – (50 points)


PART A: Please draw an Entity Relationship Diagram for the following scenario: The state of Georgia is interested in designing a database that will track its researchers. Information of interest includes researcher name, title, position; university name, location, enrollment; and research interests. Each researcher is associated with only one institution, and each researcher has several research interests. (15 points)

PART B: Please draw an Entity Relationship Diagram for the following scenario:  A department store has a bridal registry. This registry keeps information about the customer (usually the bride), the products that the store carries, and the products for which each customer registers. Customers typically register for a large number of products, and many customers register for the same products. (15 points)

PART C: Examine the data models that you created for Part A and Part B. By way of a well written essay response (750 words), how would the respective models change (if at all) on the basis of these corresponding new assumptions?

  • Two patients have the same first and last names.
  • Researchers can be associated with more than one institution. (20 points)




Problem V – (50 points)


By way of a well-written and fluid essay response, please answer the below three questions: (500 words each question)

  1. Most mobile phones in the market are not designed for elderly people to use. Now, you and your ITEC 630 Project Team are asked to design a smart phone for elderly users, who are over 70 years of age, to be able to use easily. What will be your approach to capture requirements?
  2. After the requirement phase, you made some low fidelity prototypes and will evaluate the usability aspect of your design. Per our Session Ten discussion, what Types of Interfaces will your Smart Phone possess? Why?
  3. Now we assume that your design has been accepted by Samsung and they made a first full scale prototype and would like you to make the usability evaluation before the mass production started. Per our Session Ten discussion, which Interactive Design evaluations will you leverage? Why?





Problem VI – (50 points)


Consider a school advising system in which a faculty advisor can advise many students, each of whom can register for one or many courses. The following is an example of an un-normalized STUDENT table for three students.



Student Number Student Name Total Credits GPA Advisor Number Advisor Name Course Number Course Description Course Credits Grade
1034 Linda 47 3.60 59 Smith CSC101 Computer Science I 4 B
MKT211 Marketing Management 3 A
ENG101 English Composition 3 B
CHM111 General Chemistry I 4 A
BUS101 Introduction to Business 2 A
3397 Sam 29 3.00 59 Smith ENG101 English Composition 3 A
MKT211 Marketing Management 3 B
CSC101 Computer Science I 4 B
4070 Kelly 14 3.20 23 Jones CSC101 Computer Science I 4 B
CHM111 General Chemistry I 4 A
ENG101 English Composition 3 B
BUS101 Introduction to Business 2 B


Perform the normalization process to convert the above un-normalized table to:

  1. First normal form (1NF).
  2. Second normal form (2NF).
  3. Third normal form (3NF).

Please show all your work. Please show & explain (via a well-written essay response) 750 words each step along the way and identify primary keys, if any, in each table in each step. Please explain your work as you make the progression from 1NF to 3NF.  I would like for you to explain everything you’re doing as you move from First Normal Form to Third Normal Form.


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