Location Strategy Essay
February 20, 2021
Toyota Safety Recalls Mini Case
February 20, 2021

Do the Benefits of College Still Out Weigh the Costs?

  • 5 page Essay (minimum of 2 page accepted, but highest score awarded will be a “D”)
  • Double spaced / Times Roman size 12 font
  • Works cited page does not count towards the page requirement, However; works cited is required as an additional page
  • MLA Style ( for reference: http://www.bibme.org/ (Links para um site externo)Links para um site externo) or (easybib.com)
  • Cite within your Essay as an in-text citation
  • Minimum of FIVE sources (Have to be since 2012)
  • Use Economic terminology
  • Justification (rationale of your answers – explain)

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