How well did you think that the educational technology component was integrated into the lesson? Do you see any other needs that the educational technology could address? 
September 7, 2018
You  are required to reply to 2 other classmates’ threads. Each reply must be at least 200 words, and assertions must be supported by 1 textbook and/or biblical citation and 1 outside academic resource. 
September 7, 2018

Do you state any future research possibilities, if applicable?  · Do you leave a lasting impression? How will you get your audience to continue thinking about your topic and/or take action? 

Introduction Paragraph(s) 

· Did you grab the reader’s attention? (For example, by using statistics, a personal story, a compelling statement, a question, etc.)

· Is your thesis statement one sentence?

· Did you include your thesis statement in the first paragraph?

· Does your thesis statement tell the reader what your essay is about?

· Did you provide enough background information to help your audience understand the subject matter and your position?

· Did you define key terms for your audience?

Body Paragraphs

· Write 2-5 paragraphs for each of your supporting points. Use the following questions to ensure you are writing quality body paragraphs.

· Does each paragraph include a topic sentence?

· Are you including supporting information in each paragraph to make your point clear, logical, and compelling?

· Are you being persuasive?

· Logic: Do you persuade your audience that your position is logical and reasonable? Do you include facts and sources to back up your claims?

· Credibility: Do you persuade your audience that you are credible and trustworthy by using the appropriate point of view, voice, tone, examples, and credible sources? Are your points ethical and honest?

· Emotion: Do you appeal to the emotions of your audience by framing your position as a problem they can relate to or with which they can sympathize?

Counter Perspective(s) 

It is important to address counter perspective(s) in your essay. Use the following criteria and select one to three counter perspectives to help strengthen your position:

· Is there evidence to support the counter perspective? Does the evidence include fallacies (flaws in reasoning)? If so, identify and explain.

· Does the counter perspective leave out an important point? If so, you should point this out.

· Is there more recent or credible evidence to support your perspective?

Conclusion Paragraph(s) 

· Do you paraphrase or restate your thesis in a new way?

· Do you summarize your main points?

· Do you state any future research possibilities, if applicable?

· Do you leave a lasting impression? How will you get your audience to continue thinking about your topic and/or take action?

Editing and References

· Did you run your Word document through Grammarly and fix the errors?

· Did you follow APA guidelines?

– Cover page, page numbers, double-spaced, 1” margins, headers, indented paragraphs, and 12-point Times New Roman font.

· In-Text Citations

– Do you have 4-6 credible sources?

– Have you used APA in-text citations to document your sources? (Author’s last name, date)

· Do you have a References page?

– List all references in alphabetical order with hanging indent(s).

– Include major identifying information for each reference.

– Apply a consistent and APA-style flow of information. (Author’s last name, first initial. Title, etc.).

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