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February 20, 2021
Applying Theory: Environmental Issues
February 20, 2021

Easy questions for people with law knowledge

For each of the following scenarios state whether there has been a violation of any of rules of ethics that we have discussed, and if a violation has occurred, discuss the nature of the violation and what action should be taken to correct the violation.

1. Janet, a LNC working for a personal injury law firm, sees Samantha, one of the firm’s partners, destroy papers that Janet knows are damaging to Samantha’s client’s case. Janet does not discuss what she has seen with anyone.

2. Frank has just established a business as an independent LNC. To advertise his services, he stands outside a hospital and gives his business card to every apparently injured person that enters and leaves the hospital.

3. Stuart is a LNC for a very busy and very large law firm. When he provides the attorney, Jake, with a set of interrogatories that he has prepared for Jake’s approval, he notices that Jake places the document in an envelope and prepares them for delivery without reading the interrogatories.

4. Melinda is an independent LNC who has worked extensively for Chronos Insurance during the past five years. She experiences a falling out with Chronos Insurance in the middle of working on the case of Smith v. Chronos Insurance. She immediately accepts a position with the firm that is representing Mr. Smith in the same case.

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