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December 28, 2020
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December 28, 2020

Ecommerce Website Power Point Presentation

This assignment provides you with an opportunity to define tools of the customer interface and to distinguish the different stages of developing a website by preparing a presentation. Treat this presentation as if you were bidding on a job , and this presentation is your opportunity to sell the tools you would include along with the process (the development stages) that you would follow. Include at least the fol lowing within the presentation

 seven tools of the customer interface (i.e., context, commerce, connection, communication, customiz ation, community, and content);

 examples for each of the seven tools of the customer int erface (images or screenshots);

 expla nation of how your team would progress through each of the stages for developing a website (i.e., systems analysis/planning, systems design, building the system, testing, and im plementation service delivery);

 examples of the tasks that would occur in each development stage; and

 a t least 12 slides.

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