Planning Measures, Budget, Project Risk For the Wembley Stadium Project
February 4, 2021
Write a Crisis Journal
February 4, 2021

Econ Live is an activity designed to get you to start thinking about economics in your daily life. 

Econ Live is an activity designed to get you to start thinking about economics in your daily life. There will be an opportunity to post over the course of the quarter on a topic(s) of your choice. The idea is to pick one or more economic concepts from the course that excites you, and demonstrate an understanding of how that topic applies or exists in the real world that you inhabit. It is up to you on how you demonstrate the concept(s) at work in your life. You could take pictures, make a video, write a song, whatever. You are encouraged to be creative. Everyone in this class is young, smart, technologically savvy, and creative. I’m hoping that you will really impress me. If you participate by making a post that demonstrates the concept at work in your life, you will receive full participation credit.

  • Here’s the point of the exercise: the economic concepts we are learning are not abstract, they are at work in our everyday lives. Your task is simple: illustrate one or more of these concepts in real life, as you experience it. It’s completely up to you how you demonstrate it. If you do this, you will receive the participation points no matter what. By giving extra credit, I am incentivizing you to be creative.
  • Here’s what I don’t want: look at some of the posts on the tumblr page from last spring, most of them are not about the person’s life and how opportunity cost (or another concept) is a part of their lives. Most of the posts are memes or comics copied from the internet. If you do this, you won’t receive participation credit.
  • You need to create something that shows you understand how the concept(s) relate to the real world that you inhabit.

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