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February 24, 2021
Evaluate the role and importance of the patient experience
February 24, 2021

EDMG320 Week 1

Please answer the following in complete sentences and paragraphs. Each question is worth 20 points and should be two to three well-written paragraphs in length and guided by APA format.

1. Referring to the Elsner et al. article in this week’s Resources, discuss what variables are important to consider when investigating the links between climate change and hurricane intensity. Summarize concisely what conclusion was found in this research: how are these variables influencing hurricane intensity as we experience it presently?

2. Discuss atmospheric hazards in the macro and further specify and differentiate tropical cyclones from severe summer and winter storms in the form of tornados, hail, wind and snow storms.

3. Discuss the interrelationship of storm mitigation and community adaptation and illuminate the pros and cons of such activities in the context of a community’s efforts to reduce the impact of such atmospheric events.

4. Discuss the nature of disease epidemics and how a more transient global population underwritten by evolving world crises and human refugee migration can exacerbate the challenge of disease hazard reduction and attempts at control.

5. Discuss the nature of wildfire hazards and hazard reduction efforts intended to mitigate their impact. In your opinion, which combinations of such hazard reduction activities seem to be most practical?

APA style format also cited in text citations APA. Please no Plagiarism

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