healthcare swot analysis
January 25, 2021
Legal and Ethical Leadership and Management
January 25, 2021

EDMG320 Week 8 Assignment

Please answer all questions in Paragraph form no more than 2 paragraphs.Use APA formatting and use APA intext citations.

Please NO Plagiarism

1.Describe why zoning is an effective strategy for managing flood hazards. Be specific.

2.Explain clearly what is meant by the term “100-year flood.”

3.Describe how the National Flood Insurance program helps reduce the flood risk and vulnerability.

4.Explain one reason why public policy for flood Hazard, using the land use planning, can be beneficial or difficult to adopt. Be clear as to why or why not.

5.How do volcanoes create special problems for disaster aid relief? Explain in detail at least two issues.

6.Explain why the implementation of building codes has been a successful management strategy for earthquake hazards.

7.Describe how “remote sensing” may be applied to assessing risk in a natural hazard.

8.Landslide scientists explain causes of landslides by causes and triggers. Describe two causes and two triggers of landslides.

9.Natural disasters claim more lives than technological disasters. However, natural disasters are often perceived as a lesser risk. Provide an explanation as to why this is so and the implications for managing natural hazards.

10. As an emergency manger would you want everyone to evacuate at once? Why or why not? Please support your answer from the course materials.

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