Discussion Board: Leading and Motivating a Multicultural Workforce
February 20, 2021
Distribution Channel Article Review
February 20, 2021

Emergency Operations Centers


In your main post:

  • Compare two separate state EOCs by describing the responsibilities of EMs when interacting with the EOCs. For example, is the EM responsible for authorizing the activation of each of the EOCs?
  • Explain how each EOC responds to a critical incident.
  • Describe differences between two EOCs in terms of how EM coordinate efforts of responding organizations.

Your post should demonstrate critical thinking. For example you might use the SWOT approach and consider the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for each of the topics. Be sure to cite any references you use in your post.


  • Describe the advantages and disadvantages to reverse, or contraflow, traffic patterns during an evacuation.
  • Explain how an emergency manager would implement this process.
  • Create safety guidelines that should be issued through the media for guidance to first responders and citizens who are affected by the evacuation.


  • Define the importance of having an emergency operations plan (EOP).
  • Identify steps that could be taken to address shortfalls that may occur in the areas of resources or trained personnel capabilities.
  • Explain your rationale behind the step selections.

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