Performance Management in Organizations:
January 14, 2021
No Plag its 2 assignments i need this by 02/23 make sure all work it cited
January 14, 2021

Employee Stock Compensation

Client X offers a generous employee compensation package that includes employee stock options. The exercise price has always been equal to the market price of the stock at the date of grant. The corporate controller, John Jones, believes that employee stock options, like all obligations to issue the corporation’s own stock, are equity. The new staff accountant, Marcy Means, disagrees. Marcy argues that when a company issues stock for less than current value, the value of preexisting stockholders’ shares is diluted.

Pretend you are hired to debate the issue of the proper treatment of options written on a company’s own stock.

  1. Write 250-400 words – a summary of your argument, citing concepts and definitions to buttress your case, assuming:
    1. You are siding with John.

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