Expatriates – week 4 assignment
February 27, 2021
Jesse James, a 20 year old, was arrested for killing a police officer.
February 27, 2021

Environmental Forces Paper

Pick an organization with which you are familiar. It can be an organization in which you have worked or currently work or one that you interact with regularly as a customer. Here is a list of examples that you may be interested in researching:

In a WORD document, describe the main forces in the global task environment (4 components) and the main forces in the global general environment (5 components) affecting the organization as indicated in the table:

General Environment Technological Sociocultural Demographic Political and legal Economic
Task Environment Competitive Distributors Customers Suppliers

Your paper should be coherent and concise. Include an introduction that gives an overview of the organization. Each subsequent paragraph should be a specific component mentioned above (for a total of 9 supporting paragraphs). End with a conclusion that explains how environmental forces affect the job of a manager within this organization. How do they determine the opportunities and threats that its managers must confront?

There is no page minimum or maximum. Write until you have met all the criteria.

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