How do you think we will look at issues of race and ethnicity by the end of the 21st century?
November 21, 2020
Many American commanders forced local Germans to tour the death camps and assist in the removal of remains. This was a controversial decision. The Germans citizens claimed to know nothing about what was happening in the camps within their own town. Why do
November 21, 2020

Essay Exam For World History

The book that needs to be used is Bentley, Traditions and Encounters: A Global Perspective on the Past, Volume I, Sixth Edition. If you do not have an access to this book, Use the link below and sign in with the username and password;

Essay for (Chapters 8-10)

For this exam you will write one essay on a broad question:

How do you see the âclassical societiesâ of India, China, and Greece developing in Chapters 8-10?Consider how ideas from this era have contributed to the world we live in today.

To answer the question, please do one of these options:

Option I: Standard essay with about 3.5 pages of writing. Pictures are encouraged but not required in this option. If you use pictures, what you write about the pictures can count toward the 3.5 pages.

Option II: Illustrated essay with at least 2 pages of writing and at least 6 pictures. In this option, make sure the pictures and the writing work closely together and reinforce each other. It usually helps if you mix the pictures in with the writing, or if you put the pictures on a chart or a collage.

Use information related to the reading handouts for Chapter 8-10. You will probably need about 2-3 key terms from each chapter. Key terms are in bold on the reading handouts. For example, Buddhism is a key term in Chapter 9. You may also use material from the Intro to Part 2, where Bentley and Ziegler make fascinating generalizations about Classical Societies.

You may also use material from Chapter 7 (Persian Empires) as long as you avoid repeating very much of what you wrote on Exam II. Persia is a classical society parallel to China, India and Greece.

When you use key terms from the reading handouts please put them in bold or highlight them. To use a handout question that doesn’t have any bold, highlight or make bold a few words from the question.

Please write in short to medium-sized paragraphs (generally five sentences or less per paragraph).

In your first paragraph, please provide an introduction with a general statement about the âclassical societiesâ you are discussing in your essay. Mention one or more key aspects of society (such as philosophy, government, agriculture, etc) that you chose to emphasize.

In your last paragraph, provide a conclusion to tie the essay together. Give the reader one or two insights to walk away with. Tell how the material enriches our lives or helps us understand our world.

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