Chapter 14 Bonds and long term notes
February 25, 2021
Marketing Plan
February 25, 2021

ethic/management short essay answer

Answer the following questions in a clear concise essay.

1. Discuss the case for and against Aggressive Ethics Policy and active CSR.

2. Describe the interrelationship between affirmative action, diversity, the glass ceiling and a history of discrimination.What ethical principles are in play here?

3. In your view, what is the best way to ensure consumer protection?

4. Research two or more current advertisements and discuss whether they meet ethical standards.Defend your decision.

5. Describe and provide an example of a conflict of interest in a business situation.

6. What is a Fair Wage?What are the characteristics of a fair wage?What is the difference between a fair wage, living wage, and minimum wage?

7. What is meant by the right to organize?Why has union organizing declined in recent years?

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