Net Present Value Internal Rate of Return and Profitability Index
February 5, 2021
Comparison between Roman Catholic Church and Protestant churches
February 5, 2021

EVENT MANAGEMENT Will tip high for quick completion

SIMPLY PUT: All I need is a spreadsheet or table comparing and contrasting what is needed in the attached RFP and what hotels in Orlando, FL (2-3 hotels of YOUR CHOICE) have to offer.


Part 1: For this assignment, you will be creating a spreadsheet or document that can be used to compare and contrast proposals from different hotels for the RFP attached. Using the exposition services comparison chart (also attached) and the site comparison example (attached as well), create a table or spreadsheet that would list all of the items you need to compare the proposals received for the NALP conference so that you can make the best choice for the group. This could be a complete checklist to evaluate proposals.

Hint: It’s your job as the meeting planner to detail the needs for the conference on the RFP, send out the RFP to DMOs or venues, and then review proposals and make venue selection recommendation to the client based on meeting NALP needs and criteria.

You ARE NOT comparing actual (or fictitious) hotels, just develop your comprehensive evaluation tool that covers the detailed needs for the NALP conference.

Part 2: You must also assign a value to the top 5 items, with 1 being the most important and 5 being least imporatnt. Only one item can be rated #1. Explain your rationale for your prioritization at the end of your table or spreadsheet. Remember, this is an assignment about hotels. As an event planner using a hotel, what will be the most important consideration for you when comparing proposals? What other considerations will be very important? What will be least important?

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