Technology in reverse logistics
February 9, 2021
Media: Development and Literacy Assignment
February 9, 2021

Executive Summary – Sepsis Protocol/Giudelines

In week 3’s Executive Summary, I have chosen a quality improvemet on early sepsis detection and treatment. I currently work in the ED and see many elderly patients admitted for sepsis related issues.

The purpose of this project is to develope better guidelines/protocols that will aid in earlier recognition of signs of sepsis and faster treatment

The target population will be all patients checked-in through the ED

The benefits of the project will be fewer admissions and shorter admission times of those that do get admitted thus saving the hospital money

The cost of should be minimal, staff will receive written guidelines/protocol to follow and education about sepsis related health issues particulary in the elderly

The project will be evaluated by the number of sepsis patients admitted and the length of time before teatments were started

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