Summarize youth-related issues that seem to be at the forefront of your community. Use specific examples to support your observations (newspaper headlines, community meetings, political platforms, etc.) and cite your text when appropriate.
September 7, 2018
Does educating parents in communities about childhood immunization reduce diseases rate or enhance vaccine rate among children?
September 7, 2018

Explore early childhood academic courses; which ones do you find most helpful to your professional future success? Why?


Julie post

I believe that natural resources should be all considered to be nonrenewable.  Once again as I mentioned before God created this world and our solar system.  I believe supplied all the natural resources that we’re going to have.  I don’t think it matters rather it’s water, coal, oil, or wind, once we’ve used what’s available, it’s gone for good.  To assume that the Sun is going to shine for billions of years, that water will continue to return itself and wind is endless, is foolish in my opinion.  Were there is a beginning, there will be an end, just like everyone is born and everyone will die, that’s just the way it is.  The same applies to our natural resources, they were put here through creation and one day they’ll die off or run out. 50 words

Rebecca post


15 mph winds are belay enough to get them going.
Since the energy crisis in the 1970’s scientist has been looking for alternative energy sources.

When I lived in California, a rolling blackout was common in the summer when everyone was blasting the A/C trying to keep cool. We would go without electricity for a few hours in the heat and some people for longer. So it’s easy to say there are shortages in some places. Shockingly there was a guy using solar energy in a way he had so much energy he would sell it to the energy company I thought that was interesting.

I know they used corn to make ethanol but didn’t know they’ve moved on to using the stocks and stubble left over after the harvest. Since cellulose in them was made up of sugars which can be converted to ethanol the same with corn.They are also trying to use wood chips.

American’s pioneered wind turbines but Europe energy is more expensive, so they are more likely to turn to alternative energy. 50 words

Rebecca post


Don’t know to pump out gas we have to pump out water (never really thought about it in the first place).The gas companies will build reservoirs or drain the water into the dried up creek beds. Some worry this will disrupt the ecology. The gas companies pump water down these dry creeks during the winter drowning out vegetation cattle herders use to feed their cattle. This water is also laced with natural salt which when the water dries up leaves salt residue killing needy grass.  At least if the companies delete the water table causing someone well on their property to go dry, they would replace the well. 50 words


Explore early childhood academic courses; which ones do you find most helpful to your professional future success? Why? 150 words


It’s a tough decision trying to figure out which courses will be the most helpful. I know every course I take will be beneficial in my future success. All the upper division courses are specifically for my field of study, and they each teach an important part that is beneficial to my future career. I’m especially excited to take early childhood growth and development. It’s important to understand the different stages of development so you can recognize if a child is behind in any way. Community and family engagement is another one I’m excited to take. It’s important for my future success to know how to engage with the child’s family. Methods of teaching in Early Childhood Mathematics is another one I’m excited about. I actually really enjoy math, and I’m excited to learn how to teach it to younger children in ways that they can understand. I’m also scheduled to take world mythology, and I’m excited to see what that course is all about, and see how it’ll help me in the future. Even if it doesn’t pertain directly to my degree, I’m still very excited to take it. 150 words

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