Logical Thinking Presentation
December 26, 2020
finales finales
December 26, 2020

fin 535 homework

1.Use the Internet to research the role of credit default swaps (CDSs) and other derivatives in the financial collapse of 2008. Examine the derivatives that were involved in the financial collapse of 2008.

1a.Speculate on the most likely cause(s) of the collapse. Support your position with one example.

2.Use the Internet to locate four different recent bankruptcy filings from publicly traded corporations. Then, use the Internet to locate information on Altman’s Z-Score. Propose two steps that a company could take in order to avoid bankruptcy. Provide a rationale for your proposals.

2a. Analyze the components of Altman’s Z-Score. Suggest at least two decisive measures that a company could take in order to lower its probability of bankruptcy.

3.Imagine that one of your clients has $100,000 to invest. Propose the manner in which you would apply portfolio theory to this scenario. Justify your response.

3a.Speculate on where your client would be on the efficient frontier and if your client’s preference curve would be more vertical or more horizontal. Provide a rationale for your response.

Please use quality research in your internet search. Cite your references.

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