Short Written Assignment
February 25, 2021
Write the paper below
February 25, 2021

Final Paper Change Initiative VIPKID

  • Final Project CaseYou will identify a problem that requires a change initiative through an organization with which you are associated. You will develop the final case by clearly explaining the problem by including background and by completing all of the tasks that were required for the first two cases as well as the following tasks:
    1. 1. Design a communication plan for this change initiative. Be very specific about how this will be handled.
    2. 2. Design an evaluation plan. How will you evaluate your plan? That is, how will you know that your initiative is successful? What are the specific markers that will indicate the success of your change plan. Higher revenues? More transfer of training? Fewer complaints. You must be specific about what your measures of success will be.
  • The problem I decided on is: Education is of the utmost importance. Teachers essentially build our future leaders and help build knowledge and skills to our children. Online teaching is vastly growing, and one organization is at the forefront: VIPKID. The organization employs high energy and some of the best teachers across the United States to work one on one for full immersion language for China. One of the biggest challenges the company faces, however, are technology issues. If the teacher has problems and doesn’t report it correctly, they are penalized for the error to which they have no control over. This, in turn, causes frustration for the teacher and the student because they cannot attend class. If VIPKID does not correct such technical issues, they run the risk of not only losing a great number of students but also a great number of teachers to up and coming competitors. Moving forward, there needs to be extensive research on how to bypass these technical issues. Different servers should be implemented. Additionally, the company should think about implementing readily available substitute teachers should the main teacher have such problems- or perhaps a prerecorded lecture if need be. If a problem does arise, VIPKID needs to help enable their teachers to succeed. Teachers should not be worried about technical issues- the main focus needs to be on teaching. The company is lacking on how to effectively communicate and bypass such issues.

I attached the previous case as well so you could see the other tasks that need to be implemented in the paper as well

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