BUSN 491 interveiw 2
January 14, 2021
Social Media Marketing
January 14, 2021

Final Research essay

This project is the final stage of a research and writing process that incorporates your work on the Annotated Bibliography and the Oral Presentation/Response. You MUST USE THE SAME TOPIC THAT YOU HAVE CHOSEN FOR YOUR ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY AND PRESENTATION. You will be required to analyze and discuss in this research paper – IT SHOULD NOT JUST BE A PRESENTATION OF FACTS/EVIDENCE! Construct a paper that contains the following elements: o APA style title page o Abstract o Introduction (purpose, scope, background) o Main discussion section with appropriate headings: 5-10 paragraphs of development, examples, evidence, expert testimony (graphs, charts, tables if applicable) o Closing section – conclusion(s), restatement of findings o Appendices o APA style reference page that includes a minimum of 5 research sources – 2 of these must be academic (each source must be cited at least once in the paper) Your paper should be formatted according to APA guidelines, meaning:      Times New Roman Double Spaced 1” Margins The mark rubric should be copy and pasted to the back of your assignment The assignment submission contract should be copied, pasted, and have an electronic signature at the back of your assignment NOTE: No more than 30% of the assignment can be another’s referenced words or ideas – if a paper simply reassembles sources from elsewhere without the addition of your own thoughts, then this constitutes a breach of academic honesty/integrity and could potentially result in a mark of 0

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