Identify and discuss the different ways that the heritages of slavery, the Civil War, and Reconstruction have shaped America’s history. Summarize and discuss the ways that formal policies of government have influenced the direction of historical and social development in the United States.
September 4, 2018
Decide on three (3) benefits required for the job opportunity using ERISA. Propose two (2) methods that the employer can use in order to manage the fiduciary duties wisely and with the employees’ best interests in mind. Provide a rationale for your response.
September 4, 2018

Find one area in the post you disagree with or that can be improved,  and thoughtfully describe your position. Remember to be respectful.  Your response should be at least three paragraphs (with four sentences per paragraph)

  • Find one area in the post you disagree with or that can be improved,  and thoughtfully describe your position. Remember to be respectful.
  • Your response should be at least three paragraphs (with four sentences per paragraph)


The Electromagnetic Spectrum waves are visible waves that is based  off of frequency and wavelength in a continuum pattern. If we were to  assume that in a vacuumed space, the wavelength of a electromagnetic  wave can be related to a frequency oscillating. Since there’s a direct  correlation between wavelength and frequency, each spectral range can be  specified based on its wavelength (λ) and frequency (f). Equation for  wavelength is the speed of light divided by frequency. λ = c/f, where λ  represents the wavelength. C represents the speed of light, and f  represents the frequency.

One of the most common and familiar part of electromagnetic spectrum  that engineers use today would be radio waves. They have one of the  longest wavelengths but the lowest frequencies with the smallest level  of photon energy. The radio wave was used to communicate information  over a radio wave. Some examples would be like mobile phone broadcasts,  television, or even baby monitors.

Another example of how engineers use Electromagnetic spectrum waves  is the development of microwaves. Microwaves which are similar to or  like the same waves that transmit FM and television signals were  harnessed to cook food. Around World War 2 the first set of microwaves  were created but those first set of microwaves ovens were nowhere near  up to par with some of the modern-day microwaves and their power  settings. The reason being was that the first style of microwaves only  had a on or off switch. So in other words they only produced  electromagnetic spectrum waves or not produce electromagnetic spectrum  waves.

One emerging and/or future technology depending on wavelength is the  Recycling of Radio Waves. According to researcher led by Manos  Tentzeris, “They are developing an electromagnetic energy harvester that  can collect enough ambient energy from the radio frequency spectrum to  operate devices for the internet of things, smart skin and smart city  sensors, and wearable electronics.”


For this part of assignment, I selected equation that describes  behavior of electric charge when Electric field is applied. Equation is  F= qE. This equation interests me at this point because it can be linked  to mechanical world with concept known as force. While we cannot  typically benefit from just E-field, we do benefit from effect of  electric field on the charges. Sizable amount of E field converted to  current used in systems that convert Electric energy into mechanical  energy. Hence relationship or link from Electric force to Mechanical  force. Unfortunately, this seemingly direct link jeopardized by energy  transfer loss that known as concept of efficiency.

Electrons are particles in conductive material. Electrons are  charge particles that can transfer energy from one end of wire to  another. For energy transfer to occur, electric field must be applied.  Each electron has constant, determined experimentally and theoretically  amount of charge equal to 1.6E-19 C. When conductor appear in constant  E-field all free electron will be forced to edges of conductor such that  sides opposite charges of the E-field source and receiving conductor  will balance out. In case of varying polarity or direction of the  E-field we will observe change of the polarity in the conductors that  happen to be in the E- field. Now what selected equation is actually  states is that strength of the E-field will have greater effect on the  electrons. This effect of the E field on electrons humans defined as a  force.

One application for this equation is in design of electric motors.  Electric motors conceptually are as follows. Charged particles in  conductor (electrons) when moving, create Electric field that excites in  mechanically free to move object charged particles that move to align  with current carrying conductor. Charged particles in the object will be  motivated to align faster and in the end with greater force when  E-field is stronger. Greater E-field creates greater magnetic field  which in turn induces E-field. Mechanisms designed to align fields in  desired direction of motion and with consideration of aligning  perpendicularly to E-field and parallel to magnetic field. This creates  class of electromechanical devices.

Application of electric force has expanded during last century  exponentially. And yet we are not anywhere close to limit of  applications to this charming phenomenon. On example of growing  application of Electric force is ability to wirelessly transfer energy  on short distances. For consumer application notably would be desire of  automotive industry to use higher voltage circuits. In considerations  are power circuit with 48Vand higher. This potentially allows for  smaller wire gages for the same amount of power transfer.


Maxwell’s  Equations state that in a static electric field, the divergence at one  point equals to the electric charge volume density at that point divided  by a magnetic field. Necessarily, it implies that a rotating magnetic  field is produced by an electric current or by an electric field that  changes with time (Rahm, 2008). Also, it says that a changing magnetic  field that changes with time produces an electric field. In essence, the  Equations consist of three other equations such as Gauss, Faraday, and  Ampere equations.

Maxwell’s  equations in real life can be applied in the explanation of the physics  of permanent magnets. It leads to the formulas generating magnetic  surface currents that describe the generation of the magnetic field as  well as how magnets retain magnetism status. The equations help in the  explanation of how the radio frequency waves propagate that lead to  communications of all kinds to occur with radio signals and TV  transmitters (Rahm, 2008). Besides, the equation explains how the light  in the visible regions is capable of creating things like interference  patterns that have several usages in optical technology.

Maxwell’s  Equations explains the antenna can be designed to get the best signal  which is essential for a cell phone that uses radio waves. Play of video  games using a computer is made possible because of the equation since  it involves changing of electric and magnetic fields (Ishimaru, 2017).  Besides, it is applied in the design of a microwave since it helps in  knowing where the fields are strong or weak. Finally, the equation  allows engineers to know the weight that can make a bridge to crash into  the river.

The  advancement of technology has created another essential use of  Maxwell’s Equations, especially in the health sector. The equation has  used in the determination of how body organs produce bioelectric  signals. The purpose of electrocardiography, electroencephalography, and  electromyography use Maxwell’s Equations in checking of the diseases in  different parts of the body (Ishimaru, 2017). Therefore, it is  projected that the equation would be used in providing more details  about diseases of the brain, heart, and muscles.

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