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December 25, 2020
Chapter 5 Case Study – Motivation
December 25, 2020

Forensic Science Questions

Please answer the questions in complete sentences and in your own words. Use pages 383-398 to help answer the questions. https://intervisualtechnology.us/uploads/PDFs/Fore…

1. Describe the features you would expect to find in a female skeleton, age 40.

2. Describe the process of ossification of the skull using each of the following terms:

a. Cartilage
b. Blood vessels
c. Osteoblasts
d. Osteocytes
e. Osteoclasts
f. Enzymes
g. Calcium
h. Phosphates

3. Calculate the approximate height of a Caucasian male if one of the following bones is found:

a. radius bone equal to 25 cm
b. humerus bone equal to 30 cm
c. ulna bone equal to 21 cm

4. Suppose that the two bones found belonging to the male in questions 13b and 13c were his ulna, which is 21 cm long, as well as his humerus, which is 30 cm. Calculate his height using both the ulna and the humerus bone measurements. Show your work.

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