MKT 571 – Promotion and the Product Life Cycle – Apple iPhone X
January 10, 2021
Consulting Project
January 10, 2021

Front Office Observation Project (Sheraton Pennsylvania Philadelphia Downtown Hotel)

****(Sheraton Pennsylvania Philadelphia Downtown Hotel)***


1.This is a typed, double-spaced paper with one-inch margins and 12-point Times New Roman font.

2.The paper should have a title page that includes: the name of the hotel; mailing address of the property; students’ names; course name and number; section number; and date and professor’s name.

4.Divide the paper into sections by category.Each section must discuss the topic as thoroughly as possible.The category headings should be bolded however; it is not necessary to start a new page with a category heading.

5.There is no minimum or maximum page length however; your paper should be approximately 4-6 pages without supplements.

Categories:The following should be covered in the paper:

Overview (16 points)

1.A brief historical overview of the hotel. Date the hotel opened.

2.Mission Statement: Is there one, what does it say, when was it developed and has it been updated?

3.A brief description of the property – who owns it, manages it, etc. It is a franchise, corporate owned or independent operation? Is there a management contract?

4.Who is in the property’s competitive set?

5.Various types of rooms offered and annual occupancy % and average room rate.

6.Amenities and services provided by the hotel.

7.What market segments do they focus on?How do they market to these segments? Does the hotel see its future direction changing?

8.The hotel’s organizational structure.

Front Office Operations (6 points):

1.General responsibilities for all front office personnel

2.Front Office Training procedures/process

Guest Service Operations (Concierge, Bell, Door & Valet Staff) (6 points):

1.General responsibilities for all guest service personnel

2.Guest Service Training procedures/process

Front Office Accounting (6 points):

1.Procedures utilized for charging guests.Explain what cards are accepted i.e. AMX , Visa, MasterCard and the procedures used at the front desk when handling credit cards and checks.

Front Office Communications (10 points):

1.Communication systems used.Give examples of employee to guest, employee to employee and front office to departments.

2.Discuss the roles Housekeeping and Engineering play in the hotel and how do they successfully communicate with the front office?

Front Office Technology (10 points):

1.Computerized PMS system.What type of hardware or software is used? How are employees trained?

2.Analyze the web site.Was it easy to find?Does it offer the guest a complete view of the hotel?Can reservations be made over the web? How can it be improved?

Front Office Reservations/Revenue Management (6 points):

1.Reservations process. What are the options for guest to make a reservation?

2.Rate determination process – an explanation of the decision making process used to determine rate.Do they use yield management?If so, explain their process.If not, explain how room rates are determined.

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