Integrative Project
February 25, 2021
Analysis and excel
February 25, 2021

gun control

Content Requirements for 1st Post:

o Select one to two main points from the Pro section and paraphrase (summarize) each point in your own words (do not use direct quotes – even when describing the main points).

o Analyze each main point – Explain why you chose this as a main point. You may (but are not required to) answer one or more of the questions below in your analysis of each point. These questions are just a starting point to get you thinking.

– Does it summarize an important argument for/against the topic?

– Is it a good example?

– Does it resonate with you personally (such as remind you of something you’ve personally seen or experienced?

– Does it conflict with your personal experience?

o Repeat the process above for the Con section to ensure that you have equally integrated information from both the Pro section and the Con section in your discussion.

  • Your opinion: After analyzing points from both the Pro and Con section, discuss your opinion on the topic and why you feel this way. There is no word count requirement for this section but the discussion should be substantive. This should be in a separate paragraph within your new post.

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