Integrative Project
March 19, 2021
Integrative Project
April 1, 2021

Health Education, how to look after the body

Health Education, how to look after the body

Use the scholarly literature to identify health education, how to look after the body. Select the type or form of project you wish to conduct- It will be a program plan.

What is your rationale for addressing the problem you have chosen? What contribution will examining this problem make to you professionally as you enter the field? Make sure to utilize quantitative and qualitative data from scholarly sources to support your rationale.

What resources will you require to complete your project? Consider, in particular, time required to conduct background research and acquire necessary source documents.

Recall that in MHS504, you were required to draft an outline as a first step toward structuring your Session Long Project paper for that course. For this Case Assignment, you are required to do the same, using components of your chosen project type (i.e., literature review, program plan, program evaluation, policy analysis paper, or research proposal) as your outline’s main headings. 


Attached is the power point timeline and the original draft of the first half of this assignment.


Health Education Planning

This projected was selected because health education and prevention are a course of action that leads to reduced health problems and decrease morality rate. I’ve been in the military dental career field for 16 years and one of the things that I have noticed is, people joining the military have limited exposure to dental hygiene and prevention information. After they are exposed to information their hygiene and caries risk decreases drastically. This has led me to believe that health education and exposure is limited across states and if you aren’t exposed to it, you just don’t know.

As I start my career in healthcare administration, I would like to provide outlets and avenues where health education is the focus. This will improve the quality of life and limit the strains on hospitals. Many people rush to the emergency room with minimal injuries, when some things could be resolved at home or at an urgent health care facility. These treatments also are more costly for the patient in the emergency room. The study done by Weinick, Burns, and Mehrotra(2010), estimated that about “fifty percent of emergency department visitors are trauma-related conditions such as fractures, sprains, or contusion could be treated at an urgent care.” 

Particularly, for this project resources consist of computer access with Microsoft capabilities, internet access, designated time per day amounting to about 2.5 hours to complete research, and peer-reviewed sources found using the internet. Additional requirements will include test sights, community outreach programs, funding resources, and health care policy changes. 

The initial reaction when selecting and thinking of what the project would look like, it was selected based on my passion for wanting better health education. After reviewing a few sources of information, I discovered that the science involved with health education strongly supports my passion and encourages better avenues for education delivery. “The dental health outreach has encouraged good oral health through clinical practices and community service learning embedded in the schools and local health centers.” (College of Dentist, 2016) Many education models are designed to implement intervention processes that have limitations on the target audience but with the model designed here, the aim will be to reach more on a a practical level. Starting from within educate staff, they can teach community leaders and patients, community leaders can run programs that are focused on community outreach and teen outreach.

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