Power Plus Battery Company (“PPBC”) has a production plant located in Tampa, Florida
December 27, 2020
One of the goals of finance management is to maximize shareholder wealth
December 27, 2020

Hello, I need someone to complete the online portion of my ACCT1100 course for me

This is an Intro level course so if you are at all familiar with the material, this will be exteremly easy for you to complete. I wish to have every assignment on here completed by their due dates, whomever I assign I would like to keep for the future due dates as the first section is due 1/21/18 and the others follow about every week or so. do to this I will continuously assign whomever wishes to take this task. to complete a single chapter/section should only take an hour (according to our class syllabus) so that’s what I will set this and every assignment to follow for. I hope to keep the same tutor throughout and will assign the next assignment as soon as you would like. Please help! Thank you

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