Prepare and record closing entries including descriptions. Each assignment must include a title page and reference page.  Review the grading rubric to understand how you will be graded on this assignment
September 10, 2018
Identify the responsible department for ensuring compliance with billing and coding policies. How does this affect the department’s impact on reimbursement at this healthcare organization? 
September 10, 2018

Highlight and justify opportunities for “green” practices in relation to selecting equipment Explain if and when you might be able to install green practices or equipment at a later date if currently unable to

Having defined a portion of your menu and space allocation, you will now determine the equipment the operation will need.  This part of the project involves two parts:

  1. Preparing a list [8-12] of the equipment necessary for your planned facility
  2. Identifying specific manufacturers and models for pre-preparation, final preparation, and ware-washing equipment.

For part one, you will create a partial list of equipment for your planned facility.  The equipment list should be based on your menu and anticipated demand for various food items. Specify and explain how menu items will be related to specific equipment. You may need to also determine spacing and discuss how principles of design will affect equipment layout. Ease of Sanitation and Ease of Supervision are examples.

For part two, you will use the Internet and vendor websites to identify specific manufacturers and models of equipment used within pre-preparation, final preparation, and ware-washing. By exploring the manufacturer’s web sites, you can select the specific models you desire for your project. The writing should present cost comparisons for comparing and selecting the right equipment for your project.

You will need to select three [3] pieces of essential equipment for your planned operation and complete an Equipment Specification Worksheet [also found under “Resources” on class website navigation list].  These specifications will be added to your document as appendices.

The equipment schedule will need to include the following elements;

  • Equipment schematic. Based on the layout developed in phase two, show the location of each piece of equipment in the kitchen area only.
    • Number each piece of equipment on the schematic to create an equipment key.  The textbook has several examples that can be used as a model for this equipment key; pages 36, 41, 42, and 46 are a few.
    • Provide specifications for three pieces of equipment (can use the Equipment Specification Worksheet)
  • Equipment specifications and costs. Using Internet and vendor or manufacturers’ websites, gather sample specifications
    • Establish equipment budget
    • Annotate costs for equipment, furniture, and fixtures
    • Do not be concerned with the myriad “additions” – such items as discounts, freight charges, insurance, warranty costs, and so on.
  • Assess sustainability
    • Highlight and justify opportunities for “green” practices in relation to selecting equipment
    • Explain if and when you might be able to install green practices or equipment at a later date if currently unable to
    • Optional: Analyze sustainability using National Association of Foodservice Equipment Manufacturers (NAFEM) research and sustainability calculator tool: linked here.

The second and third elements should be presented in essay form.

As with previous phases, the above elements do not represent the framework or outline of the writing. These are only elements that must be addressed as if presenting to investors or partners.

Writing Guidelines

  • Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.
  • APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to APA (6th edition) style and formatting.
  • Length of paper: Actual length will be based on assessing what information is necessary and what is extraneous.  You will need to determine what you need to communicate without adding “fluff” and assuring all identified elements from the instructions are addressed where and when applicable.

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