I need to write a newspaper opinion editorial or article that Genet can carry with him and have published in American newspapers.
November 23, 2020
I need help with writing a 250 word count summary which is due by 8pm today pertaining to The Secret History on the Mongols specifically the story
November 23, 2020

History Questions

How did the Manor structure life for most peasants in the Middle Ages?

What innovations increased the productivity of medieval agriculture?

What factors strengthed the powers of medieval kings? How did feudal ties limit those powers?

Most people during the Middle Ages lived on the land. Describe the manorial system. What was the relationship between lord and peasant? The dominant political and military system during the period after about 1000 A.D. is usually called “feudalism”. What does this term mean? What was the basis of the feudal tie? One of the important developments during the Middle Ages was the growth of cities and towns as centers of manufacture, trade, and administration. What classes of people lived in a medieval city? What were some distinctive characteristics of city-life (as opposed to life in the countryside)?

What were the causes, both immediate and underlying, of the crusades?

How did the Crusades affect European society?  Note their impact on economic and cultural life as well as their military aspects

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