Unit 4 – Individual Project – Project Risk Management
November 29, 2020
Assignment 2: Industrialization and the Rise of a Regulated EconomyDue Week 6 and worth 120 points The United States went through dramatic economic change during and after the Civil War, as industrial
November 29, 2020


This assignment is focused on Hospitality/Foodservice.

After watching the video within the Hospitality/Foodservice industry that interests you, write two pages reflection on:

  • What did you discover?
  • What is/was the cause?
  • How does/will it impact you and your career?
  • Is it good or bad for our industry (why)?
  • How does it help or hurt the obesity crisis in the U.S?

Here is the link for the Video, you need to watch the video before doing the reflection.

This reflection need to following the right template which is in the attachment, please take look at the formatting as well.

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