Is the American Red Cross increasing worker productivity, employee morale, and/or job satisfaction?
September 10, 2018
Identify or speculate the motives behind the policies (laws) aimed at this week’s people group? Skip this question if policies were not discussed in the   assigned chapters.
September 10, 2018

How age, race, lifestyle, and demographics impact the choice to complete a sexual history when working in the primary care.



How age, race, lifestyle, and demographics impact the choice to complete a sexual history when working in the primary care.


One’s age play an important role in determining the kind of care that an individual receives. Adolescents for example if given a choice to make their own choices in performing certain gynecological exams. The age at which the patient first started the examination also plays an important role. Young children may refuse examination compared to older adult. On the other hand, geriatric patients with advanced age impact examination especially if the patients have debilitating and chronic conditions. On the other hand adolescence find it difficult to disclose their sexuality.

 Race and Lifestyle

According to Prather et al, 2016, racial needs varies when it comes to the health assessment of a female patient. Some cultures consider their sexuality sacred and do not feel comfortable performing sexual assessment and examination. Primary care providers need to be aware of patient cultures and belief in order to provide adequate care in a non-judgmental manner. Different race and cultures view sexual history differently. Some races are unable to disclose their sexual history because of fear of getting shunned in the community or the family.


Patient demographics is one factor that plays an important in the choice of examination to be done. Multiculturalism affects the kind of illnesses as well as mortality and morbidity and as a result it forces people to adapt different cultures impacting the examination to be performed.(Ferguson,& Chor,2018). Patients from certain regions do not accepts some examination and are less likely to allow healthcare professionals to perform certain tests based on nationality. The United States is one of the country that is more accepting different sexuality. Approaching human sexuality needs understanding

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